Private in home daycare

About Us:

My name is Brittany Downs; I run a stable in home daycare in Rush-Henrietta, NY. My passion is working with children and improving their developmental skills. I am caring and understanding to different needs for individual children. I have experience from infant through school-age and provide learning activities to fit all age groups, such as ABC's, 123's, manners, colors and shapes. I do full background check on team members who help out during the week. I take pride in your child's well being and treat them as I do my own.

I understand how important positive interaction is for a child's developmental process. I also understand how complicated finding the right care giver actually is and I hope my home can be the right fit for your family.

I can provide meals and snacks. Our home is clean and child friendly. My neighborhood is quiet and safe. I live within walking distance of Burger Middle School. I want to provide a worry-free zone and have parents know their children are in the best care out there. I have reliable transportation for emergencies or activities. By the end of May I will have a play ground installed in our backyard. I am willing to work with each family to fit specific needs and budgets to the best of my ability. I am very easy going and I am grateful to have a job I absolutely love.

Preschool Curriculum for 2014-2015

September-2013                       Letters: A,B,D    Numbers: 1,2    Shape: Circle   Colors: Red & Yellow     Introduction to Calendar- Month & days Apples All Around- Red, Yellow and Green ones! Using math, science, arts and crafts to explore different aspects of the apple.                                 Dinosaur Days- Exploring dinosaurs, how they lived, different sizes and colors

October-2013                                Letters: H,J,N    Number: 3            Shape: Square  Colors: Black& Organge A House just right for me- Learn how everyone and everything has a place where it belongs! Use Math, science and music to teach your preschooler that there is a right kind of house for everything                                      "Spooky" things- This can be a scary time of year, learning about the spooky things around this month and how to not be afraid of them

November-2013                          Letters: G,Z,T           Number: 4       Shape: Rectangle  Color: Brown       Let's go, go, go!- Learning about different types of transportation to get us around!                                       Thanksgiving count down- Learning about thanksgiving, family, friends and food while counting down the days.

December2013                              Letters: M,Q,L                    Number: 5  Shape: Triangle     Colors: Gold & Green Once upon a Time- learning how to explore our imagination and find a place where magic is possible.                Happy Holidays- Let's celebrate the winter holiday season with music, reading, math, arts and crafts.

January-2014                               Letters: P,I,Y                  Number: 6   Shape: Oval     Colors: White & Silver    Penquins and Polar Bears- Using Math, Science, arts and crafts to explore these fascinating animals.                Brrr! It's cold outside- Learning about the weather and Seasons.

February-2014                              Letters: C,V,X                   Number:7    Shape: Heart       Colors: Purple & Pink Love our pets- Explore different kinds of pets and how to care for them.         Learn about Valentine's Day with hearts, cards, hugs and candy.                      Tracing fun!- Using Math, arts and crafts we will learn left from right and up to down.

March- 2014                                  Letters: U,K,S               Number: 8   Shape: Semi-circle  Colors: Gray & Blue Wild Weather- Learn about different enviroments and weather. Why does it rain? How cold is it when it snows?      Learn about families and what kind of people make up one.

April- 2014                                   Letters: F,E,R                   Number: 9   Shape: Diamond          Color: Yellow     Let's go to the farm- Learn about farm animals, where they live and what they eat. Learn about vegetables and fruit, how they grow, colors and sizes.      Action!!!- Lets explore movements. Running, Jumping, Walking, Wiggling...and what parts of our body do we use!

May- 2014                                    Letters: O, W     Number: 10       Shape: Star  Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue  Primary Colors: Learning to make different colors using red, blue and yellow.                                         Under the sea- explore different animals and plants that live in the ocean.

June- 2014                                     Review of alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes